CSF411SM SuperMoto RC Bike

Hi Dave,


Well, I finally got my package, and all I can say is, WOW WOW and WOW!!!!!!! Thank you so much, NF really out did themselves. Can't wait to try it out, please let me know when the cross tires come in. Thanks again buddy.




Attilio LoGiudice


Photon Wheel Adapters

Hi Dave,

I wanted to share some info with you incase you ever have a customer ask how to adapt for 1/10 wheels.


I had to use the longer drive cup shaft for the front that you sent me. Then I used some plastic, or delrin, not sure the material, 12mm hex adaptors. The are pretty thick at 9mm. I had to sand them down for the rear so I didn't have to order more long drive cups. Since the rear arm is different I don't have a problem with the wheel rubbing the arm like I did on the front. For the front I used the full 9mm hex adaptor and the long drive cup and it works great. I'm sure I will get better performance from these tires. Not to mention they are a little larger and look great.


I'm just trying to help incase you can use the info.

I actually bought these wheel adaptors a while back and can't remember where I got them. I have looked and looked and I can't seem to find them again right now. 



Gerald Kirby









OPS SFV-21B Nitro Engine

Dave. Have the motor. It's awesome. Running the 6 mm restrictor, 30% nitro, os p3 plug. I'm really impressed. It's still on the rich side,


 just over 1/2 gallon on it. It revs like a buggy. I can't wait to race this weekend. I don't think anyone else can match the bottom or


 top end of this motor. The only thing I was curious about is why the motor doesn't include a glowplug. Almost every other motor I've bought came with a plug. I will send a video. The carb sure was a tight fit going in. Break in was simple with heat!


 John Eldredge


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Products 1/16 Scale

Dave thanks for the excellent service and products! I couldnt be more happier. Once again thankyou. James Laurinitis....a customer for life!

James Laurinitis


OPS 21

Dave thank you! There may be a guy or 2 calling you I was in Monee IL one of the fastest dirt ovals in the country and there was not a motor there that this OPS 21 could not pass! They were all running modded Novarossi 28's and modded Picco's and this OPS 21 could beat them on the straight every time! YIPPEE! As soon as my skills get better I think I will be in great shape! Thanks again!


Tod Augustine